Reasons to Start Reading Comic Books

Reasons to Start Reading Comic Books

22nd August 2018 0 By admin

Comic books are very popular these days, and people of all ages read them with a lot of enthusiasm. They are not only funny but very interesting as well. Each story is unique and with a series of captivating events. However, there are some people who don’t take comic books as seriously as they take other types of books and most of them don’t even realize the amazing benefits of these visual masterpieces. Here are some strong reasons to start reading comic books.


They Make People Love Reading

There are lots of people out there who don’t like reading. They prefer other types of activities in order to relax. Young readers usually struggle to highly improve their reading skills and one of the best things to achieve this result is to read comic books. Due to the fact that there is a visual format and lots of funny lines, the reader will be captivated and he will find very easy to read and also memorize certain expressions and words. This will lead in the end to a great pleasure for reading. All in all, comic books are quite challenging.

They Help Us Think Differently

According to professor Dale Jacobs from the University of Windsor, this type of books requires readers in order to create meaning using ”multiple modalities”. Those who read comic books must process all the components such as visual, spatial, and textual as well of what they are actually reading, and integrate these components later into a very solid understanding of the story. There will be made in the future more research regarding the neurological benefits of reading this type of books. However, it is obvious that there is far more to this genre than just looking at the photos, as some critics of comic books say.

The Stories Are Good For Your Brain

Neuroscientific research indicates that reading stories especially the ones with pictures, has a noticeable effect on brain function. The study showed how reading a comic book changed participants’ neuron activity not only while they were reading but after several days as well, which is pretty amazing. Stories can definitely change the ways in which our brains work and the ways in which we also think.

Comic Books Are Cool

How can you not love comic books?! They are so cool. For example, we have these days Batman, The Fantastic Four, Captain America, Green Lantern, Men in Black, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and The Incredible Hulk. All of them are fantastic and it is a real pleasure in reading these works of art. Superheroes are without a doubt cool, and in case you didn’t know so far their origins actually come from comic books. If you love big superhero blockbusters such as The Dark Knight or The Avengers there is no reason to not enjoy the stories from whence these adaptations came.


We hope that all the above reasons will make you at least curious to get a comic book and read it until the end. However, we are sure that you will absolutely love it and you will want to get other stories as well.